At Home Arts Festival is brought to you by the Creative Arts Department of the University of Melbourne Student Union.

We are your Creative Arts Officers, Emily and Liv, and we are passionate about supporting the community of student artists at Melbourne Uni. You can find more of what we do on the UMSU website.

About the Festival

At Home Arts Festival was born out of a desire to support the community of student artists at Melbourne Uni in this time of social distancing, quarantine and self-isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a digital space to find your community and show your art while you’re stuck at home. Maybe you’re an emerging artist who has had to cancel a show representing months of work, or maybe you’re just making arts and crafts to keep yourself busy while the world is figuring itself out. All are welcome At Home – and we want to see what you’re up to.

Get Involved

Join the Facebook group to connect with the community and keep up to date with all the festival happenings. You can brainstorm ideas, chat with other artists and find people to digitally help make your submissions a reality.

How does the Festival run?

Film yourself making art. Send us the video. We’ll share it here.
You get a sneak peak into what other people are getting up to behind closed doors, we all get something to occupy our minds while we’re stuck at home. It’s a win-win.

At Home Arts Festival will run for as long as the community needs it to. Maybe that’s a week, maybe that’s six months, no one knows how long we’ll be staying home, so we might as well make something cool. (For clarification, the video of you doing art is cool. It’s very cool)

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