Past Events

Opening Night Zoom Party

Join us on zoom as we officially launch the festival! Put on your finest and get to know your fellow festival-goers as we kick off and announce the first Couch PotARTo winner.
When: 6:30pm – 8:30pm Thursday 26th March, 2020
Where: Cyperspace
Dresscode: FANCY!

Funeral For Your Show

Join us on zoom as we mourn the art we made, but never got to show people. Come dressed in your finest mourning attire, connect with your community and celebrate the art we made.
When: 6:30pm – 8:30pm Thursday 2nd April, 2020
Where: Cyperspace
Dresscode: Mourning attire

Pot Luck Open Mic Night (PLOOM)

Have you got a song to sing? A poem to read? A dance to interpret? Why not test it out in front of a welcoming audience in front of your webcam at PLOOM?
When: 5:30pm – 7:30pm Thursday 9th April, 2020
Where: Cyperspace
Dresscode: Whatever makes you feel brave

80s Dance Night

We are going to be blasting absolute tunes over zoom and getting wild to some 80’s bangers.
When: 5:30pm – 7:30pm Thursday 16th April, 2020
Where: Cyperspace
Dresscode: All out 80s!

Knitting Circle Night

Can you knit? Do you want to learn how to knit? Do you have no desire to knit but want to convince someone to make you a scarf? Come join us for a knitting circle via zoom! Knitting is not compulsory.
When: 5:30pm – 7:30pm Thursday 23rd April, 2020
Where: Cyperspace
Dresscode: Your best CARDIGAN

Get Ready Together

So you’ve been in your pyjamas all week, so have we. We may not have anywhere to go, but getting dressed up with friends is always the best part of going out anyway. Put on a fun outfit, do your hair, do some fun makeup, make yourself look like a ghoul, whatever you want.
When: 5:30pm – 7:30pm Thursday 30th April, 2020
Where: Cyperspace
Dresscode: High Glam or High Ghoul

Pot Luck Online Open Mic Night (PLOOM) 2!

Have you got a song to sing? A poem to read? A dance to interpret? Why not test it out in front of a welcoming audience in front of your webcam at PLOOM? We had so much fun last time we’re coming back for round 2!
When: 5:30pm, Thursday 7th May
Where: Cyberspace
Dresscode: That outfit you’ve never worn in public but always wanted to try

De-Stress Dance

It’s just like having a boogie in the club, except you can turn your webcam off when you get embarrassed.
When: 5:30pm, Thursday 14th May
Where: Cyberspace
Dresscode: Comfy clothes you can move in!

The End of the WORLD

Using a game that one of our festival participants has created we will be imagining the silliest ends of the world possible. Daily Doomsday is part improv game, part problem solving and many parts silly.
When: 5:30pm, Thursday 21st May
Where: Cyberspace
Dresscode: Apocalypse Chic

Festival Film Screening

This is a red carpet premier without the red carpet. We are gathering in cyberspace to watch all the amazing video submissions that the Festival has received so far.
When: 5:30pm, Thursday 28th May
Where: Cyberspace
Dresscode: Red Carpet

Drawing 101

Bring a pen, a pencil or any drawing implement you can find and join us on zoom to learn how to draw. We have invited some illustrators to share mini-tutorials with us so we can learn to draw their favourite things.
When: 5:30pm, Thursday 4th June
Where: Cyberspace
Dresscode: Your artiest smock!

At Home Arts Festival Closing Night!

The 12th and final week of At Home Arts Festival. We have been hanging out every Thursday night and making videos at home for nearly three months, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Join us as we say farewell to the Festival, celebrate what we’ve achieved over the last three months and look toward the future.
When: 5:30pm, Thursday 11th June
Where: Cyberspace
Dresscode: Go Big or Go Home

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